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Line Markers & Line Marking Equipment

We manufacture an extensive range of professional line marking machines.

Pedestrian Line Markers

Pedestrian Line Marker

A full range of line marking machines designed for marking on every type of sports surface including grass, hard and synthetics.


Laser Guided Line Markers

beamrider laser guided line marker

Introducing a world first.... The BeamRider. Laser guided technology meets our already popular Kombi marker resulting in a machine that reduces time, effort and most importantly money.

For more information please see the dedicated BeamRider site -


GNSS Guided Line Markers

GPS laser guided line marker

Fleet Line Markers is excited to introduce the MAQA: An innovative GNSS line making system that increases productivity by 75%, and makes the initial marking of sports fields easy and accurate. What’s more, with a low entry price of just £2,000 GNSS line marking is now affordable for everyone.


Ride On Markers

ride on line marking machines

Whether it's our e-ROK machine with its heavy duty battery or a utility vechicle by any of the well known manufactureres we have a product that will enable you to work faster produce world class results.


The Fastliner

Ride on line markers

The Fastliner ride-on-system consists of a 150 litre tank mounted on the back of a utility vehicle or ATV. Mounted on the side of the vehicle is a retracting arm on which the spray assembly is attached. This arm eliminates the need to reverse the vehicle when marking up to and around goal posts. The foot provides excellent line definition and allows the option to change line widths in seconds.

  • 150 litre tank
  • Molded calibration scale
  • Retracting arm
  • 38, 50, 75, 100 & 120mm marking widths

The Fastliner ride-on-system uses a bespoke paint called Fastline, supplied in 15 litre & 1000 litre multifills, for more information on the complete system please call us or click the above image to arrange a demo.


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