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Don't be confused!

Fleet is asking customers to check the wording in advertisements, and online. There are machines and paints, that on the outside resemble the Kombi, Fastliner, or even sound like Fleet paints.

MD Iain McGuffie was speaking to a well known grounds person who had experienced a paint that sounded like Pitchmarker (A branded line marking paint manufactured by Fleet for over 60 years) the supplier apparently does not even manufacture paints but brands a paint made by a third party, but this obviously does not have the Fleet logo on it. The grounds person complained to us about the quality of the paint, and Fleet advised them it was not manufactured by Fleet., the cost was nearly twice as much as he could have bought the genuine paint from Fleet. The good news is that Fleet guarantee the best price and quality as well as maintaining the high environmental standards. Fleet products are branded by the Fleet Logo, so please if you are looking for a genuine fleet product look for the logo.