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Spares : BeamRider Spares

A full list of BeamRider Spares available, so if you feel you can tackle small minor repairs without the need to call us these parts should help in most situations.
Clamping lever M8 x 32mm

BEAMCOMP3076. - Lever used on the Laser Units.


Clamping lever M6 X 20mm

BEAMCOMP2013 - Lever used on the Transmitter Base Plates


Receiver Extention

BEAMCOMP3015 - Extension Plate used on the main BeamRider actuator body


Transmitter Base Plate Extension

BEAMCOMP3026 - Extension used on the Transmitter Base Plates


Base Plate Foot

BEAMCOMP3032 - Foot used on the Transmittor Base Plates