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Spares : e-ROK Spares

Spare parts and extra accessories for the famous E-ROK.
ROK Mud Guards

ROKZCOMP1045 - Located above front wheels.


ROK Motor Gear Brake

ROKZCOMP1004 - The heart of the machine.


ROK M14 Front Tyre Center Nuts

ROKZCOMP1015 - Located in front wheel.


ROK Varistor 30k Speed Limit Control

ROKZCOMP1010 - Overall speed output control.


ROK Front Wheel Rim

ROKZCOMP1044 - Allows tyre to attached to machine.


ROK Control Panel Box

ROKZCOMP1013 - Hides all parts from the elements.


ROK Rubber Pedal - Acc/Brake

ROKZCOMP1035 - Grips for pedals.


ROK Front Wheel Bearing

ROKZCOMP1023 - Bearings used in the front wheel assembly.


ROK - Securing Device

ROKZCOMP1063 - Located on the chassis for holding Kombi.


ROK Gators

ROKZCOMP1024 - Protects mechanisms from the elements.


Rok - Forward/Reverse Switch

ROKZCOMP1070 - Switch on the control box.


ROK Brush For Motor

ROKZCOMP1028 - Brush housed inside the motor unit.


ROK Charger

ROKZCOMP1008 - Charges the machine.


ROK Brake Drum Shoes Front

ROKZCOMP1029 - Brake shoes found on the from wheels.


12v DC 120 Ah Battery

ROKZCOMP1002 - Gives the machine life.


ROK Front Hub Nut Cover

ROKZCOMP1030 - Protects main wheel nut.


ROK Steering Wheel Boss

ROKZCOMP1031 - Found on steering wheel.


ROK Mudguard Bracket

ROKZCOMP1046 - Holds the guards in place.


ROK Stub Axle Left

ROKZCOMP1047 - Lever used on the Laser Units.


ROK Stub Axle Right

ROKZCOMP1048 - Lever used on the Laser Units.


ROK Front Tyre

ROKZCOMP1025 - Tyre found at the front of the machine.


ROK Rear Tyre

ROKZCOMP1027 - Tyre found at the rear of the machine.


ROK Steering Wheel

ROKZCOMP1020 - Used in making the machine turn.


eROK 50 Litre Auxilary Tank

50 Litre Auxilary Tank attachment for use with the eROK.


eROK BeamRider Carrier

Useful carrier attachment for use with the eROK.