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Spares : e-ROK Spares

Spare parts and extra accessories for the famous E-ROK.
ROK Varistor 30k Speed Limit Control

ROKZCOMP1010 - Overall speed output control.


ROK Front Wheel Rim

ROKZCOMP1044 - Allows tyre to attached to machine.


ROK Control Panel Box

ROKZCOMP1013 - Hides all parts from the elements.


ROK Rubber Pedal - Acc/Brake

ROKZCOMP1035 - Grips for pedals.


ROK Front Wheel Bearing

ROKZCOMP1023 - Bearings used in the front wheel assembly.


ROK - Securing Device

ROKZCOMP1063 - Located on the chassis for holding Kombi.


ROK Gators

ROKZCOMP1024 - Protects mechanisms from the elements.


Rok - Forward/Reverse Switch

ROKZCOMP1070 - Switch on the control box.


ROK Brush For Motor

ROKZCOMP1028 - Brush housed inside the motor unit.


ROK Charger

ROKZCOMP1008 - Charges the machine.


ROK Brake Drum Shoes Front

ROKZCOMP1029 - Brake shoes found on the from wheels.


12v DC 120 Ah Battery

ROKZCOMP1002 - Gives the machine life.


ROK Front Hub Nut Cover

ROKZCOMP1030 - Protects main wheel nut.


ROK Steering Wheel Boss

ROKZCOMP1031 - Found on steering wheel.


ROK Mudguard Bracket

ROKZCOMP1046 - Holds the guards in place.


ROK Stub Axle Left

ROKZCOMP1047 - Lever used on the Laser Units.


ROK Stub Axle Right

ROKZCOMP1048 - Lever used on the Laser Units.


ROK Front Tyre

ROKZCOMP1025 - Tyre found at the front of the machine.


ROK Rear Tyre

ROKZCOMP1027 - Tyre found at the rear of the machine.


ROK Steering Wheel

ROKZCOMP1020 - Used in making the machine turn.


ROK Mud Guards

ROKZCOMP1045 - Located above front wheels.


ROK Motor Gear Brake

ROKZCOMP1004 - The heart of the machine.


ROK M14 Front Tyre Center Nuts

ROKZCOMP1015 - Located in front wheel.


eROK BeamRider Carrier

Useful carrier attachment for use with the eROK.


eROK 50 Litre Auxilary Tank

50 Litre Auxilary Tank attachment for use with the eROK.