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Spares : Ki Spares

A full list of Ki Spares available, the biggest innovation to linemarking since the BeamRider.

KOMBCOMP1051 - The Blue Nozzle is the most popular nozzle for grass marking.


Lenticular Graphic Logo

KI00COMP5057 - Sticky backed logo found on the Ki rear cover.


4mm Male Bullet Connector

UNIVCONS9086 - Male bullet connector.


Bonnet side (lock)

KI00COMP5014 - Bonnet at the front of the Ki marker.


4mm Female Receptacle Connector
terminal connector

UNIVCONS9087 - Female bullet Connector.


Manifold Assembly Unit

KI00COMP5020 - Allows you to easily change the pressure output to the nozzle.


Water Flush System

KI00COMP5022 - Blue double syringe water bottle.


Soft Rubber Switch Cover

KI00COMP5062 - Switch cover for the Ki.


Y Shaped Connector

KI00COMP5071 - Splits one pipe in to two outlets.


Plastic Back Nut (reservoir)

KI00CONS7002 - Secures blue water bottle in place.


Blue Coiled Hose (1m)

UNIVCOMP9008 - Shorter coiled hose found on the Kombi 3


Push Fit Inline One Way Check Valve

KI00COMP5050 - One way valve that restricts the flow direction.


Nozzle Support Arm Telescopic Assembly

KI00COMP5025 - Nozzle assembly found in the Ki.


Plastic spiral cable tidy sleeve

KOMBCONS1008 - Keeps all the internal wires out of harms way.


15mm Circlip

KI00CONS7019 - Secures wheels on to the axles.


Spring Clip 14mm ID (Blue)

KOMBCOMP1198 - Allows threaded post to be moved up or down to set nozzle height.



KI00COMP5067 - Allows the Ki to be flushed through using a standard hose pipe.


Metal guide arms set (left & right)

KI00COMP5041 - Heavy duty aluminium arms seen on the Ki & Kombi marker.


Velcro Double Sided Strip

KI00CONS7006 - Keeps battery tied to the machine bed.


Spring collar with rubber caps (black)

KI00COMP5040 - Used on the knib to alter line width.


Black Hook Tape 25mm

KI00CONS7007 - Used on the underside of the battery to secure.


Guide assembly including disk & shaft

KI00COMP5037 - Discs found at the front of the guide arms.


Black Loop Tape 25mm

KI00CONS7008 - Used on the underside of the battery to secure.


Ruler assembly (cap and rod)

KI00COMP5044 - Easy to use , built in measuring device for line width & height.


1/4 BSW x 1/2

UNIVCONS9011 - Secure the Ki axles to stop play.


Threaded Post Assembly

KOMBCOMP1203 - Threaded post assembly


6mm Chrome Inline Filter Glass Tube

KI00COMP5076 - Filter to stop any large particles entering the Ki system.


Rear cover assembly

KI00COMP5011 - Rear cover of the Ki marker


High Absorbency Sponge

KI00COMP5081 - To keep bag coupling damp in hot conditions.


Pivot arms assembly (pair)

KI00COMP5012 - Allow the rear cover to move and be secured.


125ml Translucent Bottle & Cap

KI00COMP5079 - Holds the high absorbency sponge.


Paint bag hanger

KI00COMP5013 - Where the bag is attached to the Ki marker.


Translucent Bottle Cap 40mm

KI00COMP5080 - Spare lid for the sponge bottle.


Paint bag hanger plate

KI00COMP5056 - Secures the bag hanger to the rear cover.


6mm Blue Ring Terminal

UNIVCONS9085 - Wire ring terminal.


KI00COMP5046 - Non puncture replacement tyre and wheel for The Kombi.


Bonnet Hinge (sprung)

KI00COMP5058 - Allow the bonnet to open and close.