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Spares : Kombi 3 Spares

A full list of Kombi 3 Spares available, so if your machine needs some TLC we have everything to make your machine feel new again.
Steel P Clip 22mm

KOMBCOMP1106 - Located on the switch and bottom section of the handlebars.


Spring collar with rubber caps (black)

KI00COMP5040 - Used on the knib to alter line width.


Y Shaped Connector

KI00COMP5071 - Splits one pipe in to two outlets.


Guide assembly including disk & shaft

KI00COMP5037 - Discs found at the front of the guide arms.


Hose Quick Connection Bulkhead Fitting

KICOCOMP6010 - Easy to connect bulkhead fitting.


Ruler assembly (cap and rod)

KI00COMP5044 - Easy to use , built in measuring device for line width & height.


3/8 to 1/4 BSP Male/Male Elbow

KI00COMP5093 - Rear Pump fitting.


Line Guide Pivot Bar Assembly

KICOCOMP6005 - The main bar on which the guide arms swing.



KI00COMP5086 - Fitted directly to the Paint/water tap.


Wheeled Knib Standard

KOMBCOMP1205 - Complete wheeled knib.


M6 U Bolt With Hex Nuts

KOMBCONS1015 - Keeps the tapered stem firmly in place.


Threaded Post Assembly

KOMBCOMP1203 - Threaded post assembly


U Bolt Back Plate

KOMBCOMP1199 - Plate used to secure U Bolt.


Black Hook Tape 25mm

KI00CONS7007 - Used on the underside of the battery to secure.


Push Fit Inline One Way Check Valve

KI00COMP5050 - One way valve that restricts the flow direction.


Black Loop Tape 25mm

KI00CONS7008 - Used on the underside of the battery to secure.


Plastic spiral cable tidy sleeve

KOMBCONS1008 - Keeps all the internal wires out of harms way.


6mm Blue Ring Terminal

UNIVCONS9085 - Wire ring terminal.


Kombi Wheel

Kombi Wheel Deal


Push fit hand valve

KI00COMP5098 - Also known as the Kombi 3 return tap.


4mm Male Bullet Connector

UNIVCONS9086 - Male bullet connector.


Extruded Tube Assembly

KOMBCOMP1210 - Holds the threaded post allowing nozzle height to change.


4mm Female Receptacle Connector
terminal connector

UNIVCONS9087 - Female bullet Connector.


Spring Clip 14mm ID (Blue)

KOMBCOMP1198 - Allows threaded post to be moved up or down to set nozzle height.


Blue Coiled Hose (1m)

UNIVCOMP9008 - Shorter coiled hose found on the Kombi 3


Tapered Stem

KOMBCOMP1197 - Allows the knib to be attached to the front of the Kombi.


KOMBCOMP1051 - The Blue Nozzle is the most popular nozzle for grass marking.


Bonnet Horn

KICOCOMP6017 - Found on the bonnet to allow knib to be stowed.


Support Pillar

KOMBCOMP1196 - Holds the Extruded Tube Assembly.


Manifold Assembly Unit

KI00COMP5020 - Allows you to easily change the pressure output to the nozzle.


Metal guide arms set (left & right)

KI00COMP5041 - Heavy duty aluminium arms seen on the Ki & Kombi marker.


Mesh Filter

Mesh nozzle filter used with our spray machines


Mesh Filter

Mesh nozzle filter used with our spray machines


Mesh Filter

Mesh nozzle filter used with our spray machines


Kombi Clear Unreinforced Hose (Per m)

KOMBCOMP1005 - Heavy duty clear hose.


Kombi R Clip

KOMBCOMP1020 - R Clip for wheel


Kombi Spanner

KOMBCOMP1021 - Spanner for various caps on the machine


KOMBCOMP1022 - The operating switch (on - off)


Kombi Coiled Mains Cable

KOMBCOMP1023 - Coiled power cable to the switch


Kombi Basket Filter

KOMBCOMP1027 -Filter for the Kombi line marker.


Kombi Handlebar Top

KOMBCOMP1028 - Top section of the handlebars


Kombi Handlebar Bottom

KOMBCOMP1029 - Bottom section of the handlebars


Kombi Tank Filter

KOMBCOMP1031 - Filter inside the tank


KOMBCOMP1033 - Front bonnet lid which encloses the pump section.


KI00COMP5046 - Non puncture replacement tyre and wheel for The Kombi.


Kombi Drain Cap

KOMBCOMP1036 - Cap located underneath machine


Kombi Vented Water Cap

KOMBCOMP1037 - A vented water cap which is found on back tank.


Bonnet Hinge (sprung)

KI00COMP5058 - Allow the bonnet to open and close.


Kombi MK11 Diaphragm Pump

KOMBCOMP1042 - Replacement pump for The Kombi.


Kombi Nozzle Tip Ultra Blue 110<sup>o</sup>

KOMBCOMP1051 - The Blue Nozzle is the most popular nozzle for grass marking.


Kombi Nozzle Tip Orange 110<sup>o</sup>

KOMBCOMP1052 - The Orange Nozzle mainly used on grass surfaces.


Kombi M6 Thumb Screw

UNIVCOMP9009 - Tightens the nozzle holder to the brass extension.


Kombi Rubber Grip

UNIVCOMP9013 - Keeps a firm grip on the machine


Kombi Bar End (pair)

UNIVCOMP9038 - Connects to the handlebar top section.