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Want to make your machine work for other aspects of the line marking world see our optional extras below.

Kombi Saddle Bag

KOMBCOMP1168 - Bespoke carry bag for 5lit containers.


Kombi Athletics Boom

Pay £397.50 if you buy Fleet paint! For more info click the VIEW button below.


Kombi Hand Spray Lance

The Hand Lance can be used for spraying chemical or painting large areas on grass.


Kombi 1.5M Adjustable Spray Boom

The 1.5m Adjustable Spray Boom perfect for spraying pesticides etc.


Kombi Jockey Wheel

The Jockey Wheel lifts the Kombi front wheels off the surface allowing a tighter turning circle with total manoeuvrability.


Beamrider Carry Case

Keeps the laser units safe and secure when transporting.


Beamrider Double Laser Transmitter

Projects two laser beams at a perfect 90o angle, allowing you to mark any square or rectangle accurately and in a fraction of the time compared to the traditional method of strings and 3,4,5's. your pitch perfectly square.


Beamrider Reflector Set

Reflective posts used when aligning the Beamrider laser prior to marking.


Beamrider Single Laser Transmitter

A single laser beam unit that projects one beam.


Beamrider Transmitter Base Plate

A unique stand that holds the single/double laser transmitter.