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Ever wondered how to get that professional helping hand in setting out a football pitch or in need of trade tools this page should suit you down to the ground.

Nozzle Tip Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner perfect for use on nozzles and couplings.


Kombi Klean 500ml

Kombi Klean is an ideal product for removing spillages from machinery.


Fleet Wipes

A tub of beaded hand/machine wipes which help keep your machine looking like new.


30m Leather Tape Measure

Wind-up stylish case with vibrant red measuring tape.


Fleet baseball cap

Black Baseball Cap sporting the Fleet logo.


Fleet beanie

Black Beanie sporting the Fleet logo.


500m Poly Wire Orange

Poly Wire is a reinforced 500m wire for use with Fleet's Guide Reel.


Initial Marking Kit Guide Reel

The Guide Reel is a heavy duty reel which makes stringing out a really easy task. Fleet recommend that you use our 500m Poly Wire in conjunction with the Guide Reel.



The 50m chalkline is very helpful when marking on tarmac or hard surfaces.


Initial Marking Kit Metal Post

Steel posts used when marking out with string lines.


Initial Marking Kit Triangle

The 3,4,5 triangle helps when initial marking.


Initial Marking Kit

Help aid your first intitial mark.


Mixing Tank 150 Litre

The Mixing Tank has a built in agitator, so mixed paint can be easily re-mixed the next day and even up to a week later.


Plifix Markers White (set of 25)

Ideal for marking out corners of football and rugby pitches.


Plifix Markers Yellow (set of 25)

Ideal for marking out corners of football and rugby pitches.