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Pitchmarker Super C 10 litre Bundle

Pitchmarker Super C is a high concentrate suitable for spray or wheel to wheel machines. The dilution range is from 2:1 up to 12:1

Price £90.78 (£3.03 per litre)

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  • Supplied In 10 litre drums & 1000 litre multifills
  • Available In White Only
  • Designed For Grass Surfaces
  • Spray & Wheel To Wheel Application
  • Dilution Rate: 2:1 to 12:1

This is the most popular concentrate used all over Europe today from small club level to the professional stadiums. After widespread flooding in the UK - customers were amazed that their fields did not require re-marking after the waters receded.

From these two sentences alone its no wonder people rate Super C so highly. Being a high concentrated product cost saving is what I boils down to, when used correctly the price per pitch can be reduced greatly.

Our bundle deal makes each drum ??30.26 saving 10% on the discounted online price, along with discounted carriage you have no excuse but to buy the best.

Supplied in 10 litre drums & 1000 litre multifills.

Dilution Details

Can be used neat

Pitchmarker Super C is dilutable from 2 parts water to 1 part paint up to 12 parts water to 1 part paint.

As with our other concentrated paints, Pitchmarker Super C disperses easily when added to water in the Kombi saving time and potential problems over mixing.

Fleet Recommend:

  • Initial Mark: Upto 2 parts water to 1 part Super C.
  • Overmark: Upto 12 parts water to 1 part Super C.

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