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STC White 10 litre

STC White is a flexible, water based paint suitable for marking on sand filled, sand dressed, rubber crumb and water based (hockey type) synthetic surfaces and also EPDM tracks

Price £163.95 (£16.40 per litre)

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  • Supplied in 5,10 & 12.5 litre drums
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Designed for synthetic surfaces
  • Rain resistant & hard wearing

Our Synthetic Turf Coating (STC) is available in a range of vibrant, bright colours including - white, red, yellow and blue, providing an economical and long lasting line.

STC can be sprayed with Kombi, wheeled knib is required to ensure excellent line definition.

Remarking of the lines on synthetics is recommended every 6 months however feedback from a lot of customers is saying that the lines are still acceptable after 12 to 14 months.

Nozzle Information For Spraying

The STC is best applied through a Yellow 02 nozzle tip. An 80o nozzle should be used for 2" (50mm) lines and a 110o for 3" (75mm) lines and above.

For ultimate quality, use the BeamRider laser system.


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