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Here you will find a range of line marking accessories to help keep your line marking machines running smoothly and efficiently.

Optional Extras

Want to make your machine work for other aspects of the line marking world see our optional extras below.


Top Products

Kombi Saddle Bag

KOMBCOMP1168 - Bespoke carry bag for 5lit containers.


Kombi Athletics Boom

Pay £397.50 if you buy Fleet paint! For more info click the VIEW button below.


Kombi Hand Spray Lance

The Hand Lance can be used for spraying chemical or painting large areas on grass.


General Accessories

Ever wondered how to get that professional helping hand in setting out a football pitch or in need of trade tools this page should suit you down to the ground.


Top Products

Nozzle Tip Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner perfect for use on nozzles and couplings.


Kombi Klean 500ml

Kombi Klean is an ideal product for removing spillages from machinery.


Fleet Wipes

A tub of beaded hand/machine wipes which help keep your machine looking like new.



A range of bespoke stencils all made in house, incorporating the very latest technology.

Top Products

A-Z uppercase stencil

Individual letter stencils to make the alphabet 6 inch tall.


A-Z uppercase stencil

Individual letter stencils to make the alphabet 12 inch tall.


0-9 number stencil

Individual Number stencils to make any combination of numbers you require.